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The Mother - Son Duo..

Getting in an arranged married at 19 for a Delhi girl even in the ’90s was a thing to happen, for her parents wish, she sacrificed her education and career only to come back as a Mompreneur after a few years.

Nandita, as they called her, is the founder of Smith Jewels and is a commerce graduate from Delhi University, an Indian Air Force officer's daughter. She had a clear vision of devoting her initial years after marriage to bring up her 2 children – Aditya & Vibhuti.

Though motherhood kept her busy, but her heart always longed for becoming a successful women entrepreneur.

As children grew, she started trying her hands in various businesses like – cloth trading, MLM, teaching and jewellery designing. But she realised that her vehemence for jewellery designing is what she could want to build on further with her jewellery designing skills.

The Eureka moment came when she spotted some of her designs on an online portal, selling them at the 4X price of what they were supplying to the exporters. This is when she decided to start her own enterprise.

She was confident that if she launched her own brand, they will be able to offer ornamentation that will be neatly priced and will be a unique combination of urban-rural and meant for swanky. While on one hand she was staggered by the old age craftsmanship and ethnic designs, her heart kept prompting in her the Ophidian - Delhi street culture and chic easy to carry patterns.














While she started planning to launch her own brand, how would she reach their prospective customers was still a big question? With this comes an entry of our second protagonist Aditya, son of Nandita – a technophile who introduced E Com Avenue to the unique designs and craftsmanship of his parents to the virtual prospects. 

It was then that the real transformational turn came in the history of Smith Jewels.

He is now the co-founder of Smith Jewels and loves to experiment in music creation and exploring other unchartered white spaces for expansion.

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