7 Fun Facts about Handmade jewellery

7 Fun Facts about Handmade jewellery

Handmade Jewellery is definitely in trend right now and it has ALWAYS been. But you must be wondering WHY? Here’s a list of 7 FUN facts about handmade jewellery:

1. NO mass production machinery involved : Yes, you read that right. Only few business actually handcraft the jewellery pieces themselves without the help of heavy machinery. So, every piece you get is made by hands of the artisan or karigar (in Hindi). It’s soldered, sawed, carved and shaped by these karigars themselves. AMAZING, isn’t it? The uniqueness and feeling of wearing handcrafted jewellery is heavenly! At Smith jewels all jewellery is made by expert artisans of Jaipur. 



2. Materials: Majority of the hand crafted jewellery use the best materials to provide you the best experience. In the case of mass production, the customers have no idea the kind of materials used in the backend. For handcrafted jewellery the materials are generally obtained from reputed sources. Smith Jewels are from Jaipur - BTW which is the Holy Grail of Jewellery Making. Hence we get best resources, manpower at best cost without compromising on Quality. 



3. Sustainability: The quality in handcrafted jewellery is always better and superior compared to those with large manufacturing. As the process of making a handmade jewellery involves melting, rolling, hammering and shaping. Which makes the metal more sustainable than the casting jewellery.



4. The Unique process: Every piece created by the artisan or karigar requires them to put the heart, soul and time in the design and creation of the piece. It is definitely not easy sitting in a certain place for hours to create a single piece. The dedication is truly appreciable. View making video here



5. Personalised and Customised: Handcrafted jewellery can be customised or personalised according to your requirements. Customisation of designs for handcrafted jewellery does require time but the end product is always unique and represent your individuality. Personalised jewellery is in trend right now. We, at Smith jewels do personalised orders as well (yes, they are handcrafted to meet
your needs). Check them out here




6. Value of time: As discussed above, the karigar works on every piece for hours which adds so much value to every jewellery produced. To change something from your imagination to reality and detailing every bit of it is definitely a long process.


7. Last but definitely not the least, QUALITY: If you’ve read the above steps, you’d be sure about the quality handmade jewellery provides. You will definitely not be disappointed. WE SHOULD NOT LET THE HANDCRAFTED CULTURE DIE. If you’re interested in handcrafted silver jewellery checkout our website


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